Bhasm And Pishti


Bhasm And Pishti

Bhasmas are basically the incinerated/ calcined products of the different metals and their use in curing different ailments dates back to 2nd century in Samhita period. But with the formal introduction of the Rasa sastra by the Siddha Acharyas like Nagarjun and its further elaboration by Rasa Vagbhatta in 8th century it became the mainstay of the clinical practice of Ayurvedic physicians. In fact it is the basic ingredient of different herbo-mineral preparations that are used by the Ayurvedic physicians in day to day practice. The process of the manufacturing Bhasmas viz marana is preceded by the process of sodhana i.e. purification which removes corporeal or incorporeal adulterations, detoxifies the metals, increases the fragility and potentiates the therapeutic quality. The marana i.e. Ayurvedic calcinations/ incineration converts hardness, roughness and heaviness of the metals in lightness, softness and sliminess. The process is known to disintegrate macro particles in to micro particles and make the substance inert, organic, potentiated, colloidal and ready to be digested, absorbed and assimilated in body.

Pishtis are the therapeutic agents introduced primarily by the Unani physicians and are prepared by lavigating the minerals in crucible after physical and organic purification and detoxification followed by impregnating the powder thus obtained with rose water.

Preparation of the economical but qualitatively authentic and therapeutically effective Bhasma & Pishti is a tedious process and needs continuous practice & comprehensive practical knowledge of Rasa sastra and expert guidance of learned Rasa vaidyas (persons who have sound knowledge of Hindu metallurgy).

We, Krishna Healthcare . produce cost effective Bhasma & Pishti without compromising quality, authenticity and therapeutic efficacy.

And assures that Bhasma & Pishti offered by us are scientifically validated on numerous parameters for their quality, authenticity, non- toxicity & therapeutic efficacy. The comparatively low cost is an added bonanza. We specialize in offering Abhrak bhasma, Akik Bhasma, Godanti Bhasma, Loh Bhasma, Mandur Bhasma and Muktashukti Pishti.

Name of the DrugIndicationsReference
Abhraka BhasmaCOPD & Asthma, Adapto- immune-endocrino-neuro- cardio modulator propertiesRasatantra sara
Abhraka Bhasma (100 puti)COPD & Asthma,Rasatantra sara
Akīka BhasmaHeadache, Cardiac diseases, CoughRasatantra sara
Akīka PiṣtiHeadache, Cardiac diseases, CoughRasatantra sara
Godanti BhasmaHeadache, Cough, Fever., Asthma & COPDRasatantra sara
Hazralyahood BhasmaRenal calculiRasatantra sara
Hazralyahood PiśtiRenal calculiRasatantra sara
Jaharmohra (khatai) BhasmaCough & dyspnoea, Cardiac disorders, Bleeding disordersRasatantra sara
Jaharmohra (khatai) PiṣtiCough & dyspnoea, Cardiac disorders, Bleeding disordersRasatantra sara
Kaharva Piṣti no.1Bleeding disorderRasatantra sara
Kaharva Piṣti no. 2Bleeding disordersRasatantra sara
Kanta Lauha BhasmaAnaemia & jaundice, Intestinal Parasitic manifestationsRasatantra sara
Kaparda Bhasma
(white caurī)
Digestive impairment, Duodenal ulcer, Malabsorption syndrome, TuberculosisRasatantra sara
Kasīsa BhasmaAnaemia, Dysmenorrhoea, LeucodermaRasatantra sara
Kasīsa Godantī BhasmaFever of recent onset, Anaemia, LeucorrhoeaRasatantra sara
Kukkuṭaṇḍatvaka BhasmaLeucorrhoea, Calcium deficiencyRasatantra sara
Lauha BhasmaAnaemia & jaundice, Intestinal Parasitic manifestationsRasatantra sara
Lauha Bhasma (100 puti)Anaemia & jaundice, Intestinal Parasitic manifestationsRasatantra sara
Mandur BhasmaAnaemiaRasatantra sara
Muktaśukti BhasmaAbdominal colic, Dyspepsia, Digestive impairment.Rasatantra sara
Muktaśukti PiṣtiAbdominal colic, Dyspepsia, Digestive impairment.Rasatantra sara
Naga BhasmaUrinary disorders, Tuberculosis, Malabsorption syndromeRasatantra sara
Sangejarahata BhasmaUlcerative colitis, Haemoptysis, LeucorrhoeaRasatantra sara
Sangeśhav BhasmaPalpitations, Insomnia, HysteriaRasatantra sara
Sangeśhav PiśtiPalpitations, Insomnia, HysteriaRasatantra sara
Śankha BhasmaDyspepsia, Digestive impairments, Duodenal ulcersRasatantra sara
Śhubhra BhasmaLeucoderma, ErysipelasRasatantra sara
Swarṇamakṣika BhasmaAnaemia, Chronic fevers, Tuberculosis, Insomnia, Skin diseasesRasatantra sara
Tamra Bhasma (Somnathī)Ascitis, Obesity, Cough & Dyspnoea, TuberculosisRasatantra sara
Tankaṇa BhasmaCoughnashak , As antisepticRasatantra sara
Trivanga BhasmaDiabetes mellitus, Genitourinary disorders.Rasatantra sara
Vaikranta BhasmaOtto rhea , Malabsorption syndrome, PhthisisRasatantra sara
Vanga BhasmaCough & Dyspnoea, Digestive impairment, Leucorrhoea, Genito -urinary disordersRasatantra sara
Yaśhada BhasmaLeucorrhoea & other genitor urinary diseases.Rasatantra sara

Precious Bhasma and PIshti

In Indian pharmacopeia the precious Ratnas i.e. precious stones are supposed to be capable of binding with mercury. As therapeutic agents they are supposed to stabilize the body and delay the ageing process in addition to curing a number of somatic and psychic diseases. While astrologically they are understood to counter ill effects of the different grahas, in Ayurveda they are supposed to cure a number of diseases by establishing equilibrium of bodily humors i.e. dosas and tissue factors i.e. dhatus.

To be used as therapeutic agents they are first physically and chemically purified & detoxified by specific process by using specific organic substances and then converted in form of Precious Bhasmas & Pishti.

Company is a proud Manufacturer of finest quality of the Precious Bhasma & Pishti for last seven decades and ensures their continuous supply to esteemed customers at economical costs throughout the year. We specialize in offering Gomedmani Bhasma, Gomedmani Pishti, Manikya Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma and Rajat Bhasma.

Name of the DrugIndicationsReference
Gomedamani BhasmaPhthisis, Anaemia, Psychological disordersRasatantra sara
Gomedamani PiṣtiPhthisis, Anaemia, Psychological disordersRasatantra sara
Manikya BhasmaLoss of body strength & Immunity, Cardiac diseases, Low IQRasatantra sara
Manikya PiṣtiLoss of body strength & Immunity, Cardiac diseases, Low IQRasatantra sara
Mukta Bhasma No. 1Cough, Dyspnoea, Phthisis, Mental disordersRasatantra sara
Mukta Bhasma No. 2Cough, Dyspnoea, Phthisis, Mental disordersRasatantra sara
Mukta Piṣti No. 1Bleeding disorders, Cardiac diseases, Mania & psychosisRasatantra sara
Mukta Piṣti No. 2Bleeding disorders, Cardiac diseases, Mania & psychosisRasatantra sara
Nīlamani BhasmaCough, Dyspnoea, Chronic feversRasatantra sara
Nīlamani PiṣtiCough, Dyspnoea, Chronic feversRasatantra sara
Piroja bhasmaskin desese and blood purifierRasatantra sara
Puṣparaja BhasmaSkin diseasesRasatantra sara
Puṣparaja PiṣtiSkin diseasesRasatantra sara
Rajata BhasmaTuberculosis, Urinary diseases, NeuropsychosisRasatantra sara
Tarkṣya BhasmaArsa, Digestive impairmentsRasatantra sara
Tarkṣya PiṣtiArsa, Digestive impairmentsRasatantra sara