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Botanical Name(s): Commiphora Mukul Family Name: Burseraceae Kingdom: Plantae


Bhasm And Pishti

Bhasmas are basically the incinerated/ calcined products of the different metals


Ras / Rasayan /Vati

RAS aushadhi of AYURVEDA have a very important place in the treatment of ailment


Shilajit Powder

What is Shilajit used for? Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic doctors as a rul

About Ayurveda!


What is ayurveda ? • "AYURVEDA" the word itself is derived from two Sanskrit words AYU:meaning 'life', VEDA : meaning Knowledge'. • Ayurveda in most simple words can be defined as the ancient system of holistic healing from India. It is till date enjoying a widespread resurgence in popularity. • According to hindu text the science of ayurveda was first initiated by Brahma the creator of life in brahma samhita. Ayurvedic principles, techniques and formulations were eventually laid down in many texts by Charaka and Sushruta. • Eventually it was studied and induced into life by  Read More